Rank & EN Shirt Color

Ranking is designated by color and corresponds to the highest Official Test that a member has passed. Members can earn & wear EN Shirts of specified color and design that represents their achievements. Also, certificates are issued after Official Tests are passed.



Levels 1-20 + X, X2, & X Ultimate

Here is a list of all of the Ranks and

the Highest Level in each Official Test:

White - Level 1

Yellow - Level 2

Dandelion - Level 3

Orange - Level 4

Yellow Green - Level 5

Green - Level 6

Blue Green - Level 7

Cerulean - Level 8

Blue - Level 9

Blue Violet - Level 10

Violet - Level 11

Yellow Orange - Level 12

Violet Red - Level 13

Red - Level 14

Red Violet - Level 15

Brown - Level 16

Black - Level 17

Carnation Pink - Level 18

Red Orange - Level 19

Crimson - Level 20

Light Gray - Level X

Dark Gray - Level X2

Green Yellow Gold - Level X Ultimate


Are you ready to Rank up?

Earn a certificate like the one below.

The EN


of achievement

This certificate is proudly presented to:

Your Name

It's for fitness... It's for great health... and It's for showcasing that you are one tough athlete!





The EN


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