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From: Showoff (The Motivator) of The EN

Duration: ~24 minutes

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Pre-Sale Now Only $17.99 + tax and $3.60 every 3 months!

     Did you know something special has been created and now you can pursue your fitness in a better way!?

There's even a program in the service where you can GROW your bank account! (It's optional).

     There's a problem you face. It's actually a lifelong ongoing problem. People need to do a certain amount of physical exercise to live and it's not always something people want to do. Often, when people ignore their need to do a certain amount of exercise or decide that they'll be just fine without a plan, they have negative consequences.


     Watch the story about Steve and Stella in the video above to find out what kinds of things they are thinking about and problems they've faced. You may be able to relate to some or all of them.


     Fortunately, EN Exercise Network, a service with a community built around it, is the solution for Steve, Stella, and others (like YOU) to help deal with these problems by helping you get more fit and to achieve greatness by doing exercise “Levels Details” and to stay motivated by having a community to engage with -all WITHOUT hurting your bank account and at your pace (which is good for normal people and super fitness-buffs).


     So, how are Steve and Stella (seemingly ordinary people) above average and what does this have to do with EN Exercise Network? Steve and Stella are just the perfect people to be a part of The EN community- and it's not because of their current physical condition! Because of their mindset, they both are not only going to be committed to making exercise a part of their regular, long-term goals, but they are willing to be a part of and help create a vibrant community that's committed to improving the health, fitness, and lives of its members. They are looking for the best the world has to offer and are even willing to contribute to make the best better! This makes them above average (arguably). If YOU want to do some or all of these things and/or to engage with others that are like-minded, then you are ideal for joining the community, as well, and you should.


EN Exercise Network's

Features & Benefits:

  • Online Access (usually via mobile device) to Prepared Exercise Programs (Freestyle & Routines) so you can follow a plan and easily decide your workouts (with the added benefit of minimizing or skipping downloading apps), which means on certain days when you want to do certain routines, you can quickly access and do them, and on other days you can easily browse and “do whatever” AND you don't have to spend money on fancy-looking apps that crash, are device-limited, and require constant updates and permissions to your device's functions

  • Progress Tracking Stored Online (Progress Bar & Checkmarks) that works automatically as you view the content so you can stop wasting time with worse (or absent) methods (stop making homemade trackers, printing out pages, lining up columns and rows, and spending time and effort making sure it is all easy to reference and readable), and easily (and often) see indications of your fitness progress, which means you can incrementally improve your abilities, spend more time breaking new records (not making “to-do” records), not worry about losing your logs (your mind is freed from one less concern) and focus on what's most important – getting your results: begin feeling healthier, looking better, and achieving your specific goals AND you can put more of your attention to other things you enjoy like spending time with your family and friends and to things you need to do like getting a little bit of extra sleep so you're refreshed for your scheduled appointments and work demands

  • Graduated Levels (increase the difficulty of each individual exercise and entire workouts in a controlled fashion) and Ranking System (fun, competitive, objective) so you'll find your current place and you can increase your energy through continuous, incremental improvement, which means you'll feel more alive as you rise to higher access tiers (while avoiding or having less time with torn muscles and injuries, as compared to guessing at what to do, and you can have more time out of the gym being healthy, spending time with family, doing your business, and living your life) PLUS, you can enjoy reaching new Ranks and show off the representative colored tee shirt that accompanies the achievement

  • Customizable Favorites List so you can keep your next challenges ready to go in the lineup or quickly reference your personal best performances, which means you can use your time efficiently and have more time to be exercising, stretching, drinking water, and planning your diet AND you won't be scouring pages of old logs in search of what you've done, but rather quickly feel satisfied by your achievements and move on

  • Self-Paced Content where you are encouraged to pay attention to your body (instead of distractions) so you can determine for yourself how much exercise to do during a workout and you can try to avoid over-training (like sometimes happens when people get a spunky personal trainer who leaves them feeling sore for a week and unmotivated to return to the gym), which means that you can ramp up the difficulty at a pace that is appropriate for your life circumstances and goals and you'll be in control of how hard you go and how much risk of injury you incur

  • Open To The Public, Wide Availability (If you do not want to be a Personal Trainer, but want to run your own service motivating others to exercise or just help people for free to get in better shape, or something similar, you can use the service for assistance) so you can enjoy being a little less stressed, knowing you can access the service to help you be creative and you can focus on how to do your endeavor, which means you'll be changing the world for the better

  • Easy Onboarding (Great to Share with Others) that makes using it with partners useful (whether you work out with a Personal Trainer or are a Personal Trainer working out your clients) thus, even though you could substitute a lot of what a personal trainer provides you by just logging in and using the service alone, you and your partners (or clients) can use it together to keep track of progress, to chat (leave comments when you're away), and to stay motivated so you and your partners/clients will have a better experience, which means you and new partners/clients will be using this successfully in no-time and your friends/clients will like it (and you for it), too AND you may just find that if you have clients, you and your clients will become happier, making you more prosperous, and retaining more clients

  • Self-Report (Email yourself statistics and notes from within the membership site) so when you want to do special training sessions you can easily use your data, which means you can worry less and make those spontaneous athletic activities mean the most

  • Community Inclusion and Chat Area (with your own Pseudonym) that helps you keep a long-term commitment to exercising so you can enjoy belonging to a vibrant community of health-conscious individuals and communicate (with a layer of privacy) with others online who are expecting to be sociable, which means that you can live your normal life, with the added positive influence and support from a non-intrusive “structure” for exercise (which is often missing for people) and ultimately feel more fit and healthy over time, PLUS, you can feel more comfortable asking questions to learn what you don't know and discussing your interests (ONLINE) and maybe even avoid some of the awkward conversations with the occasional people at the gym who do not want to be bothered or distracted from what they are doing (or are just plain not open to talking for a number of reasons)

  • Affiliate Program (You can earn money from other people making and keeping accounts and you can build your own portion of the network for multiple streams of income) so you can add to the number in your bank account on a reoccurring basis, which means you can pay down some debts or save up and buy some assets (or just buy something really cool!) It's money-virtually everybody likes getting more money! 

     If you want to be a service provider, also, you can additionally purchase access to use the software and our templates to build your own portion of the network (and sell access to the content/products/services) It's called being an Agent Affiliate and it's easy to get started! See our Agent Affiliate page. It's practically a turnkey business and you can share in our traffic! Terms and Conditions apply.


A Little History

     I've been involved in The EN since 2013, when it began. It wasn't an online community then though, although it had a website. The first event I participated in was a group hike, among strangers. I brought onboard a local area of Personal Trainers back then, too. It became an online community in 2016. People have come and gone. It's been interesting.

     I've made hundreds of videos for the community, doing exercises, creating games and challenges, and showing people how to follow “The Eniquette” (The EN's guidelines for etiquette in treating others in the community and making videos)

     In 2020, Popusellarity, a registered LLC, produced the new membership website. I've used it to do workouts and to show people it's functionality in-person and can attest to that it works. It's ongoing construction, currently, but works well enough and is ready for thousands of new members, plus it should scale quickly. I hope to see many people becoming Motivators (like myself) and even building websites with unique content to link to the current website hub. I believe people can really benefit from the use of the service, health-wise, and they can make money and enjoy a shift in their lifestyles. I'm pretty excited about it.


Some Interesting Supportive Info

      According to Anne-Sophie Mazzoni et al, authors of the article “Finding my own motivation” - A Mixed Methods Study of Exercise [and Behavior Change…], published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine (Oct 2019, Vol 26 Issue 5 p499 13p), “The participants [of their study] underwent a motivational process through the exercise [program]. By experiencing 'Health gains and mastery', 'Learning', 'Affinity', 'Commitment', and 'Managing challenges', they found incentives that fostered feelings of autonomy, competence and relatedness, leading to an increased motivation to exercise.” How and why did the participants get these results? The authors say that “Social support from coaches, structuring the physical environment with scheduled sessions, self-monitoring with resistance training log[s], and feedback based on heart rate [monitoring] and fitness tests were the most valued [Behavioral Change Techniques].” As a member of the EN Exercise Network community, you can get these real results, by finding incentives to improve your fitness and creating an environment that fosters autonomy, competence, and relatedness to motivate yourself to make continual improvement to your fitness over time!


     According to Maria Kosma, and David R. Buchanan, authors of the article “”Connect," Log It, Track It, Go! [...]”, which was published in the academic journal “Quest” (Jan-Mar2018, Vol. 70 Issue 1, p100 14p), “[...] [E]xercise promoters should emphasize embodied exercise experiences via mastery of action, [and] social interactions [...]. They should target real action in real communities [...].”


     That's what you get! Being a part of EN Exercise Network's community, you get objective challenges to master and you can feel accomplished and prideful in doing what you do, well. Plus, you can be successful staying motivated with a good support structure that fosters meaningful interactions. You don't want to be less successful, so reduce the amount of time you spend surfing the worldwide web, alone, searching for scattered, disconnected tidbits of information from different people, who don't identify as being apart of the same group and having the same goals as you do. Also, it should go without saying, but, you want to avoid superficially judging others. Instead, be united and objective, focusing on improving yourself and helping others to be their best selves.


     Using the membership site, you'll incrementally increase your difficulty as you work through the Levels, so you can focus on mastering the action of each exercise and so you can gradually ramp up the difficulty of your work, which means you can be as safe as you can be and you can feel accomplished with every percent of progress you complete (seen in a green bar for each Level). Also, the Chat Area facilitates social interactions in a real community of people advancing through the same challenges and moving up the Ranking System. It's really about how you can improve and how you and others can help each other improve, which requires thoughtfulness, feedback, and real actions that are brought into the real world. The results are reflected by increased abilities and different colored Ranked Tee Shirts, which are representative of objective achievement. You're not just simply showing that you are putting in time on camera looking great expending energy and telling everybody how good you are, when you participate in the voluntary Ranking System.


What You'll Get:

     You will immediately be granted access to the membership site and will be emailed your login credentials, right away. This is absolutely the best time to purchase the membership! The Pre-Sale is a SUPER DISCOUNTED Price and a great value! It's less than $20 for access to the Energized Tier, which gives access through Level 10, which is high enough to keep most people busy for years (that's over 2,500 Training Levels).

You will immediately be a part of the community and you will have access to the Chat Area. There is also a Help Desk with a Support Ticketing function, if you want to get help from The EN Admin.


     Don't Wait! If you want, you can even catch a glimpse of the regular prices that are coming soon by going to our website and checking out the Access Tiers and Pricing Page. Spoiler: The price goes as high as nearly $1,000.


You're not just getting Access to the Activated Tier. You're not just getting Access to the Capable Tier.

You're getting Energized Tier Access and you'll be given the option to upgrade to higher tiers in the future for a low cost.

Bragging rights - You can call yourself one of the original "Pre-Sale" members to the membership site community! Other people, in the future, might be more fit than you and surpass you in the Ranking System, but they won't ever have the title that you have because they got here later ;)


Money Back Guarantee

7 day, 100% money back guarantee for any reason whatsoever. You're going to love your new membership, but if for any reason whatsoever, you decide to get a refund, it will be honored.


Buy Your (Pre-Sale Discounted) Membership Now

$17.99 +tax now. Then $3.60 after three months, automatically billed $3.60 each 3 months (cancel anytime).


P.S. This Pre-Sale price is LIMITED and will be gone soon. Act Now. Click the button to join.


P.P.S. If you don't buy the membership now, will you be in better physical fitness in a month than you are now? In a year? In a decade? Life can be tough and many people find out that they don't attain these particular fitness goals. Be one of the above-average people who gives themselves a “structure” and influences their life for success.


Remember, it's Self-Paced. Just Start.





Topics discussed in Video above (and More):

  • Do you need to spend more time exercising? What if you could do one small thing now to change your fitness and health forever? Hi. This is Showoff, one of your friendly Motivators for fitness. I'm going to show you a little of how to use the membership site. Sign up is very quick and easy and you'll get login credentials in your email immediately.

  • [Shows logging into the website]

  • [Shows exercises to choose from & Nav Menu]

  • [Shows exercise example GIF]

  • [Shows weight, reps, and sets during a Fit Level]

  • It's easy to change levels. The site is easy to navigate.

  • When you click a Fit Level or Training Level, it puts a check mark in the Nav menu and your progress goes up [shows check marks, shows progress bar] These checkmarks and the progress are specific for the level you're on.

  • What if you are unable to complete a level? Or it already has a check mark by it. Don't worry, you can customize your favorites list, which means that you can create a lineup of challenges to do for yourself. There's another thing you can do with your favorites list. You can heart the exercises that you are excited about having completed. [Shows "hearting" Favorites List]

  • And You can make use of the stats form and send yourself notes/statistics. It's on our list to substitute this method and constantly improve our platform. You can look forward to an update email when that's finished.

  • Take a look at the Chat Area. There are a number of channels to use, where you can comment back and forth with other users online. [Shows Chat Channels]

  • In another video, you'll see how to use the "Routines". It's pretty easy. Basically, you select a routine at your level of difficulty and then it displays a bunch of exercises in order. You'll find it very useful.

  • In another video, you'll see how you can use the affiliate program to make money by either getting people to sign up through your affiliate links, getting other people to get other people to join through affiliate links, or by getting people in your network to maintain their memberships, which means you can help motivate people to train and keep their membership active. Also, you'll see how to make use of the software and templates to build your own portion of the network (optional) so you can share in the traffic and sell access to the content/products/services.


Here are some of the benefits to you for using EN Exercise Network (categorized):


saves time

  • you can stop wasting time with worse (or absent) methods and see indications of your fitness progress

  • you can stop making homemade trackers, printing out pages, lining up columns and rows, and spending time and effort making sure it is all readable and easy to reference

  • you can quickly reference your personal bests for chosen exercises

  • you can keep your next challenges ready to go in the lineup


things you do not have to do anymore

  • you do not have to look for a notebook and pen around your house or in the car or gym bag again

  • you don't have to spend as much time thinking about what exercises to do next

  • you do not have to spend time thinking up what weights to do and how many repetitions and sets to do

  • you do not have to schedule and keep appointments with a personal trainer when you already know how to do the exercises and just want something to show you which exercises to do, how many to do, and in what order to do them

  • you do not have to spend time finding a personal trainer that you like or that is in your price range

  • you do not have to spend time with inexperienced personal trainers who only know a handful of exercises and just repeat them over and over

  • you do not have to be intimidated by personal trainers who may or may not be judging you, but by whom you feel judged


physical pain eliminated and what that means for your life and/or business

  • you do not have to get over-trained by a spunky personal trainer who leaves you feeling sore for a week and unmotivated to return to the gym

  • you can do your exercises at your own pace, paying attention to your body instead of someone's instructions, making sure you do not overdo it

  • you can increase the difficulty of your exercises in a controlled fashion by increments


eliminates mental pain

  • you do not have to worry about losing your logs

  • when you want to do special training sessions you can easily use your data (email notes/stats)

  • you can skip writing in and cluttering your calendar

  • you do not have to worry about what each exercise will be for that day or what to do and what numbers to do (Routines)


helps you feel more comfortable

  • you can look up an exercise on a machine and see a visual reference of the exercise

  • you can speak to others online with a layer of privacy

  • you can communicate with others online who are expecting to be sociable

  • you don't have to lug around a notebook and keep a pen (that falls out), but simply carry around your device


makes it easier for you to achieve greater cleanliness

  • you can stop leaving loose papers, journals, notepads, and three-ring binders around the house and car and reduce the clutter and crumpled papers in your gym bag


helps you feel more healthy and more alive

  • you can keep a long-term commitment to exercising and belong to a vibrant community of regular, health-conscious individuals like yourself

  • you can increase your energy through continuous, incremental improvement


helps you make money

  • you can add to the number in your bank account

  • you can get paid to motivate others to work out and keep their memberships

  • you can organize multiple streams of income and grow your portion of the network to your full potential

  • you get reoccurring payments for each of the people your referred affiliate keeps as paid account members

  • you and your clients will have a better experience (personal trainers)

  • The EN's Membership Site- If you do not want to be a Personal Trainer, but want to run your own service motivating others to exercise or just help people for free to get in better shape, or something similar, you can use it for assistance so you can enjoy being less stressed because you know you can access the service that The EN provides and interact with the community, which means you'll be changing the world for the better


helps you save money

  • you'll save a boatload of money every month doing exercises and routines

  • you'll save a boatload of money every month otherwise spent paying people to tell you the same things thousands of other people are talking about or can tell you for free

  • you don't have to go through notepads, journals, and pens

  • you can skip purchasing and downloading an app

  • you don't have to limit yourself to any particular app or device

  • you don't have to take up storage space, buy any SD cards, or even buy a new device to have enough space to use it


helps you be the envy of your friends and feel more loved by your family

  • you will be seen losing weight and/or looking better and more attractive physically both in person and to your new friends online

  • you will be seen as doing something respectable by being attentive to your health

  • you can contribute in the digital chat room channels where you can communicate about the tried-and-true science for fitness and health, plus all the popular trends


makes you feel more popular and increases your social status

  • you can meet new friends online who are interested in health and fitness

  • you can bring in your friends and acquaintances


This is why you should join and buy the Pre-Sale membership now:

You're being offered access to a growing worldwide community with a number of tools, similarly-minded people (who offer services) to connect with, and a structure to support your lifelong pursuit of better fitness. You can go at your own pace and spend the time that works for you. You'll immediately get use of The Freestyle Exercises membership site with Tracker features and you'll be a part of a network with exploding growth over the coming years! Attain real achievements by earning Ranks and obtain the rewards of Shirts and Certificates to display AND do various challenges! It's for your health. It's for your happiness. It can be for your bank account (earn through the Affiliate Program), too! But, as time goes on, you lose out on opportunity cost... Now is the time to join!

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