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A Motivator is a Member's BEST friend! Need encouragement? This is a Motivator's primary focus. A Motivator may also assist in scheduling Videographers and obtaining Validators so that Ranking up and ascending the tier structure goes smoothly and easily. Your help to continue making progress in your fitness is waiting! Try one today!



A Videographer assists in meeting in-person to shoot videos to prove your completion of "Levels Details". They can also handle your video footage so that you can focus more time on your physical fitness. If you've shot enough of your own videos and want a little help, a Videographer will make things easier!



A Validator personally approves (or validates) that a Member successfully completes Official Tests (and that the Member's video proof complies with The Eniquette). When a Member is ready to Pass an Official Test and claim a higher Rank, a Validator's service is a must.



A Critiquer is a qualified Personal Trainer and provides Members with feedback and tips on their' performance. Want to improve your technique? Have questions about your form? A Critiquer will serve you.



Reviewers look through Validated Videos to spot check them for Eniquette compliance. Want to find errors in Members' Official Tests and get paid for it? You're in the right place! Register now.


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