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A Validator helps the community by validating Members' Official Tests. Members desire this service because Passing Official Tests with validated videos is how they are elevated to new Ranks!


Registration will give Validators access to The EN's "Validation Chamber" and get a listing on the "Find a Validator" section of the network, where Members can look up Validators.



Validators log in to the Validation Chamber and verify that a Member's Official Test submission to The EN Admin contains no errors:

  • their videos meet the Official Test requirements
  • the correct Levels Details were performed
  • and the material is in compliance with the Eniquette.


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Provide your service to Members in the way that you think provides the most value and at prices agreeable between you and your clients. Members and Validators work out their agreements privately. An example of one price that has been popular for a Validator has been $50 per Official Test.


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*Validators must be Members with an active membership to the service to remain listed.

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