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Anybody can do it! Anyone who wants to encourage a Member to do the Levels Details found within the network is a Motivator.


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*Requirements: Ranked Member with one or more validated, Passed Official Tests and ten Critiqued Training Levels.


Then you can provide your service to Members in the way that you think provides the most value and at prices agreeable between you and your clients.


An example of one price that has been popular for one Motivator has been $100 per month per client, which received multiple video conferences and phone calls, plus texts sharing links for particular Levels Details (Fit Levels and Training Levels) and coordination with Validators.


Be sure to provide feedback to the community in The EN Chat about your experiences! It is greatly appreciated!


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Jamie Becker

My Motivator is the BEST! He really cares about my progress and does the little things, which impacts me a lot! I've never been so excited about my progress! 

Member Since 2021

David Guerrero

I felt like I didn't want to work out before. Now, I still sometimes feel like I don't want to work out, but then my Motivator gets me pumped and I suddenly get into it. I've never had so much consistency! I highly recommend it!


Member Since 2021

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