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JOIN as a Critiquer and help our community!

  • Must provide proof of Personal Trainer certification.

Take that Personal Trainer know-how and put it to some extra good use! Critiquers take a look at Members' video performances and do what they do best... discuss what they see and recommend what can be improved and what should be avoided. This is a highly demanded skill and service!


Register today and get listed on our site. Members can look you up and acquire your services.


You can provide your service to Members in the way that you think provides the most value and at prices agreeable between you and your clients.


An example of a price is $10 per video per client.


Get Started Today and Try It Out!...

The EN Admin will reach out to you via email to obtain a photo of your Personal Trainer card or certificate.

*Requirements: Be a Member & Provide proof of Personal Trainer certification.

“The advice I've received through The EN has really changed my life! I love it."

Charles Edgeworth

Member Since 2020

“EN Exercise Network has been great. The pointers and tips I've been told have really helped me to improve!"

Krista Freeman

Member Since 2020

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