About The Service


EN EXERCISE NETWORK ("The EN" for short)

is a service with a community being built around it. You are invited to:

  • Join and use the tools built to assist you in your exercise journey
  • Participate with others (when desired) in chat and challenges and
  • Build (web-pages/apps etc), add on (community resources, local chapters), contribute, and share with other members
  • (If you're not into Social Participation, THAT'S OK! You can do MUCH on your own, and be the BEST Lone Wolf Type you can be.

There's already a lot to use! Popusellarity, LLC (the company providing the central membership site and owner of the domain enexercisenetwork.com) has already funded the development of the first site, which is available now and is being continuously improved.

If your screen is missing the information that you are expecting to see, it could be because of your BROWSER.

First, enter the membership site and LOG OUT & re-login again. Also, if you are using a cookie/ad-blocking browser like BRAVE, try taking your shields down. Another solution may be to RESET your cookies, clear your cache, and then log in, log out/re-login and REFRESH the page. Feel free to reach out to the community and The EN Admin for help. We will try our best to help you have a good experience!

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